Sunday, 7 July 2013

Westfield Driving Experience

Okay this is not the typical blog entry for this site but on this historic day in 2013 when Sir Andy Murray (okay not yet Sir but by this time next year !) became the first Brit to win Wimbledon for 77 years I had decided to do something far more entertaining that watch a ball go back and forth.

So it was off to Silverstone for a Westfield driving experience with Ryan for a nice early start to what would be a most entertaining day out driving rear wheel drive cars that weigh virtually nothing around cones in a large car park and being told to drive it like you stole it.

So with 2 cars to drive a 1.6 with the 2” lower floor (my favourite because I could fit in it) and a 2.0 sport spec it was going to a great day as long as we didn’t get burnt in the 30 degree summer heat.

We started the day with a quick safety briefing and then it was time for the first spin with one of the instructors in the passenger seat telling you to put your foot hard to the floor and use the throttle to kick the back end around after all you don’t really need steering. Ryan an I took out the 1.6 first before we were then let loose in the 2.0 and it was soon time to drive alone around the short course. As you can see below squeezing into one of these is entertaining but once in the fun starts.

Once we had practised around the short circuit it was time for some figure 8 and donut driving best shown before time for lunch and the morning only people to pack up.

Figure of 8 and donut

After lunch it was time for another go on the figure of 8 for the all day people and a first run for the afternoon people. At this point having had praise of the instructors all day Ryan managed his first perfect donut around the cone. Doing the donut is not to bad but doing exactly where you want, i.e. around the cone, it the difficult bit.

Ryan's Perfect Donut

So whilst we were going around in circles the course for the longer afternoon run and timed laps was being laid out and once complete we had time for a couple of practice runs and then it was time for a couple of timed laps with points added for style and time added for making mistakes.

At the end of the day it did not matter who was the quickest only how much fun you had and having generated enough tyre smoke on my last run I certainly had fun.

How it should be done
Now it’s our turn

A Fun Day Out

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