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Druids Shoot Report 19th February 2012

South WiltsHaving had a short break from shooting, in all forms, today I would be doing something that I haven't done for a while and that was shooting at a new club and hence a new course. I have been meaning to shoot Druids for quite sometime but other commitments always managed to get in the way and so I was looking forward to shooting this highly recommended course.

As it was the gods smiled on us today because the rains of Saturday had passed and we were in for a glorious day if a little chilly in the wind. Because of the number of entries the Druids course layers put on 40 targets of 3Ds and painted faces which we would be shooting Fur & Feathers (much better than wound lines). In addition most of the groups would consist of 5 archers to allow for the large number of archers.

WolfSo after the standard pre-shoot talk it was off to my first target and to meet the people I would be spending the day with. I was on my own today and hence it looked like I would be shooting with a complete bunch of strangers although as usual they would not be by the end of the day. On arrival at the first target it was time to say hello the Angus, Robert, Janet and Ruth who I would be spending this sunny early spring day with. In a group that was composed of Longbows and AFBs shooting was going to be quick and fortunately the mix of archers across the course allowed for a short days shooting and hence 40 completed targets by 16:30.

The first target of the day was going to be a hand painted Leopard and it looked good from the peg through the trees in a patch of sunlight. With a slightly slow start I was off scoring and it was at this point that as a group we had an inkling that Angus had a magic arrow that liked the 24. With a fast moving easy chatting group of archers the 23 targets before lunch disappeared by in what appeared to be a blink of the eye and then it was time for a well earned break and a cup of tea. By this time I had noticed the quality of the painted targets we were shooting and given the standard of these painted faces they would have been better suited to being framed on the wall of your lounge than being shot at on a field shooting course.


So after a quick lunch break it was off to shoot the second half of the course but what was this a Rabbit, a Chipmunk or just a new 3D no it's Sam with her new longbow and by the end off the day she proved she was a natural.


With only 17 targets remaining it was going to be a short afternoon but  3 targets into the afternoon Angus's magic arrows luck ran out on a simple shot at a Bobcat. Hitting the hard log below it he now had 2 magic arrows. This was a downer until he found that it actually scored him a 16.

BobcatAngusBusted but 16
At least it's a 16

So after a thoroughly enjoyable days shooting with a great group of fellow archers it was time to pick-up the Solstice Shoot registration form to fill in and post when I got home. If you have not shot a Druids I would highly recommend a visit to what is a well layed course and some exceptional target faces.

Got it
Got It !
My first 24 of the day

Sunday 19th February


Me John

Me John
18 Leopard 4 - 38 Deer 4 -
19 Deer - - 39 Rhino 16 -
20 Tiger 16 - 40 Otter 16 -
21 Mini Beer 16 - 01 Ibex 16 -
22 Wolverine 10 - 02 Cobra 10 -
23 Panda 16 - 03 Bobcat - -
24 Boar 20 - 04 Monkey 4 -
25 Deer 20 - 05 Turkey 16 -
26 Bison 10 - 06 Leopard - -
27 Mountain Goat 24 - 07 Mountain Lion 10 -
28 Owl 10 - 08 Bedded Deer 16 -
29 Bedded Goat 16 - 09 Hyena 16 -
30 Ibex 20 - 10 Turkey - -
31 Swan 16 - 11 Walking Bear - -
32 Bear 10 - 12 Wasp 16 -
33 Partridge 14 - 13 Crocodile 24 -
34 Wolf 8 - 14 Monitor Lizard 10 -
35 Standing Bear 10 - 15 Goat 4 -
36 Deer 14 - 16 Velociraptor 4 -
37 Leopard 10 - 17 Zebra 16 -

264 -
198 -

Total 462 -

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