Wednesday, 14 March 2012

NFAS Field Shoot Distance Calculator

For a long while I've been looking for some new clubs to shoot at but hot knowing what's local and what's not can be a bit of a challenge. So I decided to extend the NFAS Map information so that I could easily see what clubs are within a reasonable driving distance. As a result I put together a simple web page that will show the distance to each club and provide driving directions. Having initially posted this on the NFAS Web Forums and received some positive feedback I thought why not a quick blog. So if anyone is interested in knowing what's local or how far a certain clubs ground is then please check out

Their may be a few missing clubs but it's based on what I know so if your's is missing just post a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy - nice blog and a good laugh on Sunday.
Could you please include our club - HEROD'S WOOD ARCHERS - on your excellent tool.

50 26 14.87 N
04 16 46.28 W

Thanks Andy

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant. many thanks
High Cross FAC

Rob said...

Do yo mind I post a link to this calculator from my blog site (

The Old Toxophilist said...


No problem feel free to add a link.