Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bowmen Of Burleigh Christmas 2009 Fun Shoot

With Christmas rapidly approaching it was time for The Bowmen Of Burleigh Christmas Fun Shoot. As with last years shoot the we would be shooting indoors at Embrook School and the day would be split into the morning and afternoon sessions.

Our Fairy Paramount for the day was going to be Ruth with her Rabid Reindeer husband scaring people into submission and resolving all disagreements.

This year we only had 6 targets because we had managed to miss-lay the turkeys but as long as we don't do that on Christmas day that's no great problem. This year we were also shooting mixed group with the Juniors and the Seniors shooting together and given that some of the targets were at 10 Yards this was often more difficult for the Seniors than the Juniors.

Each archer started on their designated target and shot 3 arrows and the scored. The catch was that no-one knew what the scoring was going to be until they reached the target but it was a good bet that the smaller the target the more it scored. Once they had shot the 3 arrows it was off to the next target and so on until they had shot on all six. This was then repeated and the scores totaled.

Whilst our Fairy Paramount was busy adding up the scores and sorting out the winners we set up our team shoot that was a variation on the 12 Days of Christmas and an Archery Darts target. The archers were split into two teams and they each had to go through the 12 days of Christmas without shooting the balloon (on hindsight we should have made the balloon bigger) and once the team had shot all the 12 days they needed to shoot the balloon.

Following the bang to signal the end of the team shoot it was off for the traditional prize giving and the end of a fun session shooting.

The session was repeated in the afternoon with more juniors and fancy dress, as can be seen from our Elf and Safety photo, and they finally finished off the targets. Well a good portion of the snow from the Snowmen was stuck in the bosses.

With this Christmas fun shoot finally over we have 12 months to prepare for the next one but I suspect it will all be done the week before.

Rabid Reindeer

Rabid Reindeer


Fun Targets

Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper

Elf and Safty

Elf and Safety

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas


Steven said...

Hello! Would you happen to know where the targets in the Christmas shoot came from? Were they purchased?

Steven said...

Hello! Would happen to know where the targets in the Christmas shoot came from? Or, were they "homemade"?

The Old Toxophilist said...

Steven all the targets we homemade which was fun and I'm still hoovering up the glitter.