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Fleet Ibex Shoot Report 27th May 2012

IbexWith the 3D Nationals looming Fleet Ibex is the last practice shoot before the big event and boy this year did I need some practice. After my Smashing experience at South Wilts I had finished making a new set of arrows and this time they would be 3/8 Ash in the hope that a simple ricochet would not destroy an arrow. So also knowing that these new arrows were 20 grams heavier and 3 inches longer, than my Pine ones, I decided it was also time to finally get my draw consistent and use the same for both Field and Target archery. Given all of that today was going to be an entertaining day and I was looking forward to another fun day on an exceptionally laid course (as usual) that would be a complete learning experience.

So with what promised to be another scorching day I was well prepared with the factor 50, bug spray and many litres of water and boy did I need all of them. So having packed everything into by, Utility, belt it was off to registration and a flea in my ear for not cancelling John sooner then after a chat to my various fellow archers off to the first target of the day. Arriving at target 39 it was time to introduce myself to two relatively new Field Archers Sarah and Alex and the tradition exchange of score cards. With this being only there 3rd Field shoot they'd managed to pick an excellent ground and some pretty good weather.

DragonflySo with the blast of the horn it was time to start the shooting with a pair of Meercats and an arrow at each. These multi target shots can be the make of break of a good score and arrows as I found out later on the 4 little pigs. As it turned out we were rather luck with our starting target because it meant we'd be off into the open part of the wood in the morning and miss the sun at it's hottest.

So with the chance of Adders it was off to shoot the first 22 targets before lunch, no point in stopping after 2, and into the open part of the woods with trees that we not quite what they seem as Sarah found out at target 14 when she decided to lean on a stump only for it to fall apart. For those that have shot this section then you'll know what I mean as the Fleet guys have piled a number of the bits of chopped down trees to give a semblance of a wood.

Having said all of that even though they have lost the ridge line and the down hill shots they certainly haven't lost the ability to put out shots that look easier than they are with the odd fun shot thrown in and target 3 was one of them with 4 Little Pigs.


As you can see they were slightly dispersed and of varying sizes with the Black on the left being a real pig of a shot through the V in the trees and as such I decided to leave it to the last. With three pig shot and two hits only the black remained and a shot through the V. With the mantra of "There are no trees" it was time to shoot and a good shot it was hitting the target but as the arrow landed in it mark it whipped round and whacked the tree snapping the shaft just below the fletchings.

With that done I had a scoring shaft and the knowledge that I can snap an Ash arrow given the right conditions and I was going to find another one of those conditions later in the day.

MeBearWith the pigs out of the way it was off through some cracking shots and this time I don't mean arrow breaking "Cracking" but well laid and slightly deceptive. With a Deer just over a raised piece of ground and no reference point as to how far behind it to the bear between the trees and then onto the looooong Standing Deer and a hidden wolf before lunch.

So after the Wolf came a well deserved cup of tea, a sandwich and time to refill the water before it was off out for the second circuit of 18 targets through the shaded part of the woods.

Yet again the Fleet guys were using the natural ground to its best hiding Cheetahs, or maybe Leopards, and Cobras in the Rhododendrons and making them very difficult to see never mind photograph to the Elk that was almost as long as the Deer before lunch and right across the valley.
Following the Elk was an interesting uphill shot at a Cheetah with a stump partially covering the kill. An interesting shot unless you decided to do what I did which was shoot through the stump and into the target. Three arrows because I did not know if the first two were in but both went clean through the stump to snatch me a 16, just missed the kill, laugh at the luck of the shot. Well it was either luck or 35 inch Ash shafts and a heavy bow.

On reaching the Spider and the Fly I chickened out and went for the Spider and a 20. The gap to the fly was just too small and after all the spider is much bigger. With only a two Bears to go before we'd finished for the day and a well deserved cup of tea it was a quick couple of shots and then back to the car to drop off the equipment.

Well all I can really say it this time Fleet did themselves proud arranging perfect weather, for a change, to go with the excellent course. In addition I had a great and entertaining day with Sarah and Alex and hopefully we'll get to shoot together again maybe in August at the next Fleet shoot.

Arrow In Flight
I'll Get It - I will !
Alex & Sarah
Alex & Sarah
So close yet so far
Three in the target two through the tree - I like a bow with a bit of umph and some nice 3/8 Ash arrows
Dragon Fly
A Little Distraction


Me John

Me John
39 Meercats 16 - 19 Standing Deer - -
40 Bedded Deer 4 - 20 Wolf - -
01 Javelina 8 - 21 Standing Deer 4 -
02 Standing Deer 16 - 22 Turkey 16 -
03 4 Little Pigs 48 - 23 Goat 16 -
04 Standing Deer 4 - 24 Standing Deer - -
05 Wolf 4 - 25 Deer 4 -
06 Standing Deer - - 26 Turkey 16 -
07 Turkey 16 - 27 Cheetah 16 -
08 Javelina 24 - 28 Cobra 24 -
09 Standing Deer 16 - 29 Bobcat 16 -
10 2 Rabbits - - 30 Badger 16 -
11 Howling Wolf 16 - 31 Rising Boar 10 -
12 Bear 16 - 32 Bedded Deer 8 -
13 Partridge - - 33 Elk - -
14 Turkey 4 - 34 Cheetah 16 -
15 Goat 16 - 35 Owl 10 -
16 Honey Badger 16 - 36 Spider & Fly 20 -
17 Standing Beer - - 37 Walking Beer 16 -
18 Frog 20 - 38 Standing Bear 16 -



Total 468


Alex Hare said...

Really good report Andrew, we thoroughly enjoyed shooting with you. Sarah did well-she was 520 at the end and I managed Bronze with 614. Glad I went back for my second arrow on that Bunny now! We'd be very happy to shoot with you and John in August.

The Old Toxophilist said...

Congratulations on the Bronze it was a great day.