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Raven Shoot Report 25th March 2012

RavenSo for my third shoot of the year it was off to Raven for a round of 36 3Ds in there extensive woodland and it was promising to be an absolutely glorious day. With blue skies forecast I was looking forward to the days shooting with a fair few up hill and down hill shots.

So as usual it was arrive in time for the traditional Bacon Butty and cup of tea before registering and finding out who I would be shooting with today. As it turned out I would be shooting in a group of 5 with two crossbow archers, if you can use that term, a compound and a free style. So it looked like I would be shooting quick and finding arrow slow whilst the rest of the group would be shooting slow and finding arrows quick. I've previously shot with Jo and Pete in my group and would find out how entertaining Charlie and Keith were going to be throughout the day with the steady friendly banter.

Keith, Jo, Charlie and Pete
Keith, Jo, Charlie and Pete

keith, Jo, Charlie and Pete
So having trekked up the hill to the first target and exchanged cards we were simply awaiting the horn for the fun to start. The first target of the day was  a well placed Deer hiding behind the the undergrowth and with a 14 in the bag I thought the day was going to be as good as the weather. Little did I know the next target was going to indicate the standard of my shooting for the day.

With the shooting progressing quickly, proving a can be wrong about sighted archers, we quick progressed to a Puma and one of my highest scores of the day and a 20. This I suppose would have been good if everyone else didn't score a 20 but you take what you are given and then is was only a few more targets before it was time for lunch and a well deserved break. It was beginning to get hot in the woods and although we needed a top in the morning it was bow time to strip.

20 For everyone
Following lunch it was off for another quick 5 targets down the back of the woods before returning to the tea van for another drink and then on. We were now on the steeper parts and really beginning to warm up going through the water at an alarming rate but having said that we were still having fun.

We were now on the hill side covered in wild garlic and to be honest I think Raven should rename this shoot as the "Garlic Shoot". The amount of garlic was beginning to give Charlie a problem but hey garlics good for you and the next time I have to go to Transylvania for work (and yes I have been there) I'll make sure I shoot at Raven before hand.

Raven Garlic Shoot 
Moving and shooting up and down the hill side we moved to the target that provided what I think of as my best shot of the day a long Deer down the hill. With a single arrow I managed a 16 now some may consider that luck but for me it was the one shot where I reached the standard I expect of myself.
Best Shot of the Day
So moving on with the easy banter and mickey taking of the group we were off to the the last section of the course working our way across the bottom of the valley and then on up the steep hill back to the tea van and the final 5 targets.
Having had a thoroughly enjoyable day with some old friends and now new ones it was time to pack up and head off home for a few bottles of Fursty Ferret. So all that's remains is to thank the Raven course layers for another excellent shoot and Jo, Pete, Keith and Charlie for one of the most entertaining shoots I've had for quite a while.
Time to fill in the 2 July shoot booking form.
Whatever it says on my t-shirt I got it in the end !

I nominate the one I hit
Thing - What the hell is this

Sunday 25th March


Me John

Me John
06 Deer 14 - 24 Bobcat 20 -
07 Honey Badger - - 25 Beaver - -
08 Raccoon 4 - 26 Bear - -
09 Deer 4 - 27 Fox 14 -
10 Ptarmigan 10 - 28 Deer 16 -
11 Bedded Deer 16 - 29 Lioness 10 -
12 Puma 20 - 30 Deer 4 -
13 Goat 8 - 31 Beaver 16 -
14 Standing Bear 10 - 32 Bedded Deer 16 -
15 Walking Bear 10 - 33 Otter 10 -
16 Boar 8 - 34 Wolf 8 -
17 Badger 10 - 35 Fox 4 -
18 Wolf 4 - 36 Deer 16 -
19 Beaver 4 - 01 Turkey 10 -
20 Deer 10 - 02 Deer 10 -
21 Mountain Lion 16 - 03 Thing 10 -
22 Merekats 10 - 04 Javelina 10 -
23 Leopard 10 - 05 Owl - -

168 -
174 -

Total 342 -

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