Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fleet Ibex Shoot Report 08th January 2012

          IbexHaving not shot field or even much target archery since the Nationals I was looking forward to getting back out into the woods chasing down those 3Ds. So given that this was a friendly scoring was optional, quiet good for me, and all the pressure was off. So having decided to go around a couple of times it was a case of getting to Fleet for a 09:00 start and see who else had arrived.

Arriving at the same time as Fred and his crew we decided to tag onto their group and wander around as a large group of  7 (maybe a bit large) but with the easy going conversation it was going to be entertaining especially as we had a junior.

Having not been to Fleet for a while it was a bit of a shock to see how much tree felling had been going on and the woods looked quite bare and empty with lots of open space. This said the course layers did their job well finding all the bits of cover and tricky shots as I can attest when I reached the Skunk. Being a friendly there was only a single peg to shoot from which meant that John would be shooting exactly the same shots as me. The net result of this was to prove how much better John is at this archery lark than I am and it was rare for him to take a second shot let alone miss whilst I had a few misses and hence a few exploding arrows.

Although we did not get to go around twice the morning and the targets we managed to shoot was excellent and I'm looking forward to going back for there first open shoot this year.

A short report but still a great day and some photos of the guilty.

I can See The Skunk
Easy Shot
Good Job there was a shed for the back stop
I can't believe I missed that !
Grrrrr get in there - Fred and his new bow
Three Little Pigs
One Two Three
A 24 for John
Camouflage - just don't stand still too long


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