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South Wilts Shoot Report 4th Semptember 2011

South WiltsWith the Nationals fast approaching it was time for the South Wilts pre Nationals Shoot shooting faces for a full round. Now it has been some time since I shot faces and I was soon to remember why I prefer 3D shoots and if the round had of been 3Ds my score would have been half decent as it was; well the less said about that.

Anyway when I set off the sun was shining and the sky was blue but as I approached South Wilts it was obvious that Sam had been doing the rain dance and very successfully at that. The black clouds we rolling about the South Wilts course and I was getting wet just trying to put the waterproofs on. At this point I totally believed that their was some twisted competition going on and that South Wilts were trying to out do Avalon. If this was the case they failed because as it turned out the day was a day of two halves and by the afternoon we were basking in sunshine and blue skies.

So with a number of people not turning up their were a few target changes but eventually we were off to the first target. Today I'd be shooting with Paul Knight and his son Alex, a cub, who was to show the two senior longbow archers what this game is about. Little did I know, at this point, that today would be a day of 3D wounds but when shooting faces those lucky legs are not lucky any more they just happen to be an annoying miss.

With the blast of the horn it was time to start the shooting and to still allow me time to take my photos, after I've shot, I chose to go first and take a crack at the Turkey and with the feathers not counting blanked the first. This was to set the tone for the day and so it was onto the next, a Deer, and another blank. What was I going to do my trusty bamboo arrows were letting me down and then it was time for a Rabbit and unbelievably a 24 and then we were back to the larger targets with another Deer and a Wolf neither of which were going to provide me much in the way of a score.

Oh well the Ptarmigan in the Hobbits Standing was next and following a sound hit on the outside with the first the second, at least, provided me with a 14. What a morning I could hit the small ones but no the big targets and thinking about it now it's probably because they are not life size pictures.

The next Deer was to prove an interesting target and I managed to drop the first arrow shot but what made it interesting was the fact that it never reappeared who would have thought you could lose a 36" shaft in the undergrowth. At least the rain was beginning to ease at this point and it was time to shoot a Reindeer before we moved onto another Deer and then a Puma before it was time for another small target and a Hare. The last target between us and the first Tea break was a Walking Bear and so a quick 16 was needed so we could have a break and remove some of the waterproofs.

Paul and Alex check for line cutters
After stripping off the waterproof trousers and a quick cup of tea it was off to target 21 and a Turkey before moving onto a Fox and then a Mountain Goat. Now at this point Sam and Owen turned up to take some photos and to provide Sam with the best photographic opportunity I decided, subconsciously, to take 3 arrows what I forgot to do was hit with any. Next was the Stoat and true to the days form I managed to hit it before another Mountain Goat and another miss what was it today missing the barn doors but hitting tiny targets. With a small Curlew next and then a Boar and a Bear we were half way through the targets and hoping the second half would prove more productive than the first half.

SkunkBy this time I had decided to switch to my Cedar shafts and see if I could do any better and so it was off to a Goose through the trees before a Wolf and I was still shooting to the same standard as the first half of the course. The next was a shot at a small Skunk and yes I hit first arrow before we moved onto a Puma and then a Lynx quickly followed by a Deer.

JayNext was a Jay and as expected another decent score before moving onto a Boar. Now this shot reminded my why I prefer 3Ds with the first arrow hitting is high on the back, 3D wound, I was was not sure if I would be in the wound line so I decided to take a second only to ricochet of a tree and shatter the arrow (well at least Cedar smells nice when it breaks) and as it turned out there was no need to shoot that second arrow.

Less of the whining it was time to take a pot shot at a Walking Bear before a Prairie Dog and then a Reindeer which was to start run of blanks. Only a Turkey stood between us and a cup of tea but unlike last time I took three and blanked it.

Oh at least it was time for more tea and a peanut butter sandwich. Stripping off further layers it was time for the last 8 targets and we started with "That" Duck and another blank before moving onto a Wolf.

Lots of Fungus in the woods
Having shot the Wolf it was off across the road to shoot a Fox and then a Deer. Another large Bear followed and although I missing the Bear I almost took a pot shot at two of the members of the group in front who managed to split up with two following after the others had left the target. Another Bear followed and another missing before we were on our penultimate target a Javelina and then finally a Partridge and you guessed it another good arrow and finishing the day on a 20 was not bad.

Well as I said this was not my best days shooting and I think it was the same for a lot of archers but who cares really it was a fun day, as always, shooting the faces and getting ready for the Nationals.

Wet Start
Miserable Start
Glorious afternoon

Sunday 4th September


Me John

Me John
09 Turkey - - 29 Goose 8 -
10 Deer - - 30 Wolf 4 -
11 Rabbit 24 - 31 Skunk 16 -
12 Deer 4 - 32 Puma 16 -
13 Wolf 8 - 33 Lynx 16 -
14 Ptarmigan 14 - 34 Deer 16 -
15 Deer 4 - 35 Jay 20 -
16 Reindeer 14 - 36 Boar 16 -
17 Deer 16 - 37 Walking Bear 10 -
18 Puma 14 - 38 Prairie Dog 10 -
19 Hare 16 - 39 Reindeer - -
20 Bear 16 - 40 Turkey - -
21 Turkey 20 - 01 Duck - -
22 Fox 14 - 02 Wolf 16 -
23 Mountain Goat - - 03 Fox 8 -
24 Stoat 16 - 04 Deer 10 -
25 Mountain Goat - - 05 Bear - -
26 Curlew 8 - 06 Bear - -
27 Boar 16 - 07 Javelina 10 -
28 Bear 10 - 08 Partridge 20 -

214 -
196 -

Total 410 -

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Hi Andrew - a really good report on the shoot and some nice pictures of me and Alex. See you at the champs.