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Raven Shoot Report 10th July 2011

Having originally thought "I've not shot at Raven before" I was proved wrong when John looked at his gold medal and said we have shot at Raven before I have another on of these at home. So it was not to be the first time I'd shot at Raven but it had been 3 years (although I will not be waiting that long again).

So having had a few hot weekends it looked like we were in for a cooler days shooting with maybe a bit of rain but that was completely wrong because from the point we got out of the car the heat started rising and so did the humidity. We were in for another warm day that was going to be very humid in the morning.

We started the day with the traditional Bacon Roll and cup of tea and collected the cards. Then it was off to our starting target (15) and an up hill slog through the woods to the West. By the time we arrived we were already out of breath and ready for a Break but just had enough time for a breather and to exchange cards. Although not enough time for me to string the bows before the starting horn.

Today we would be shooting with Janet and Peter and so because I was slow Peter kicked off the day. Having walked to the peg and then realised that I still did not have my gloves on this was going to be a good day and so having finally prepared it was time to shoot the first target a Beaver nestled between the trees. A quick 10 was not a bad start until John managed a 24 well was this the sign of things to come.

Now I had my excuses ready before hand because I was shooting my new Bamboo Arrows and hence with any change it affects your shoot (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it) in addition these were 36" long rather than my usual uncut 32" Pine or POC shafts and the reason I made them this long was that I could draw to my full length without worrying that the arrow would go around the back of the bow.

With the excuses out of the way it was off to the next target, a Standing Deer, and a crafty 8 before we moved onto a Sitting Wolf (not the native Indian) a 16 and the start of a Short run. A Fishing Bobcat followed and then a Ptarmigan before a Standing Deer brought my quick run to an end. At this point we had been slowly but surely climbing up the West bank and we were all a bit hot and flustered. It wasn't just the temperature that was the problem but the humidity as well.

A quick breather break and the next shot, at a Standing Deer, provided us with a slight downhill section before we were heading back uphill with a Bobcat (well hidden) and then a large Walking Bear and with a resounding thunk of the first arrow I thought I'd hit it in the foot so having walked up and then found my arrows just lying under its belly I had the long walk back to the White for the Second which made exactly the same sound but this time was in the leg.

At this point John was out of water and getting very hot but we only had a few more targets before we reach one with plenty of bottled water to top-up your own supply. The next target was a Badger and then onto a Fox sat on a log before heading along the hill side for a shot at a Standing Deer. A Bedded Deer behind a tree quickly followed and surely we were getting near the top of this hill. The next target was a Beaver sat on a tree stump and my first lucky shot of the day. Having missed the first the second just clipped his arm and how it managed to stay in I don't know. When removed it just pulled out sideways.
With the only providing me with lucky 10 it but providing John with his second 24 out of the way it was off to a laying down Mountain Lion and then a Puma (Ok they are the same animals but the targets were different). We were finally at the top of the hill and a quick Otter shot, and boy was it otter up here, before we could finally start moving down the hill and another Bobcat. With Bob the cat out of the way little remained on the downhill stretch before a tea break. A Turkey provided a nice 20 whilst the long Standing Bear that followed also provided a 20 and then it was the Mountain Goat that all the adults found difficult before a final Javelina with its nose in the bushes.

After cup of tea and a rest it was off to target 1 and another Beaver. At this point it became obvious that the tea had not done its job and I blanked the Beaver. So moving quickly on, and putting that behind me, it was time for a Standing Deer before a Leopard with a low hanging belly and then my second lucky shot of the day a 24 on the Meercat.

With the Meercat ready for execution I managed another arrow that hit the side and stayed but this time it went through the 24, 20 and the 16 so you could say I was covering all the bases. The Boar that followed brought me another 20 and we were working our way through the bottom part of the woods quite quickly. The Goat and the Fox that followed were almost as accommodating and then it was the Bear leaning against the tree how I missed it I don't know but I did. This obviously put me off because the next bedded Mountain Lion only provided a 4 and two in the base.

DeerI made up for that on the next Standing Deer before we moved back across the road to the final four targets although they were on the uphill slog again and we had walked past them first thing. Target 11 was a long Wolf parallel to the road and parked cars, fingers crossed for no ricochets, and then it was uphill again to a Bedded Deer and then an Owl on top of a large, hard, tree stump. With the first hitting the stump it was time to see how the arrows stood up to some abuse and it faired well with not a mark of breakage.

Our final shot of the day was at a Honey Badger and then it was time to pick up the target and head on back. As it turned out we were the first back and 15:00 and what a quick 36 targets it was I can't remember finishing quite that quickly before.

Having waited for John Medal it was time to head off home for a nice cold beer in a well air conditioned car. On the whole it was an excellent days shooting and one I'll be going back to in the near future not 3 years time.

Now for the verdict on the Bamboo arrows. After 36 targets I really do like them they tend to fly straight and leave the bow well. Peter made a number of comments on how well they shot and left the bow. They certainly do stand up to some abuse from trees etc and I don't think I'll be giving Fred any more arrows for a while. They will be out with me next week at Avalon and we will see how they stand up to brick assuming the through the building shot is still there and I miss (hope not).

So if you have been thinking about Bamboo give it a go it's a good alternative to Pine or POC very similar weight but a lot stiffer. So I may cancel those Pine shafts I have on order and put in another for some more Bamboo.


Me John

Me John
15 Beaver 10 24 33 Turkey 20 16
16 Standing Deer 8 14 34 Standing Bear 20 10
17 Wolf 16 16 35 Mountain Goat 4 16
18 Bobcat 16 10 36 Javelina 24 10
19 Ptarmigan 16 4 01 Beaver - -
20 Standing Deer - 10 02 Standing Deer 16 10
21 Standing Deer 10 8 03 Leopard 8 10
22 Bobcat 16 10 04 Meercat 24 -
23 Walking Bear 10 4 05 Boar 20 10
24 Badger 16 10 06 Goat 16 10
25 Fox 16 10 07 Fox 16 -
26 Standing Deer 16 20 08 Bear - 16
27 Bedded Deer 4 14 09 Mountain Lion 4 -
28 Beaver 10 24 10 Standing Deer 24 10
29 Mountain Lion 16 - 11 Wolf 14 10
30 Puma 16 16 12 Bedded Deer 16 -
31 Otter 16 20 13 Owl 10 16
32 Bobcat 20 16 14 Honey Badger 16 16

232 230
240 160

Total 472 390

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