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Fleet Ibex Shoot Report 22nd May 2011

Fleet          IbexWell having had so much fun at Easter I was looking forward to returning to Fleet Ibex for the Pre-3D Nationals next week to get that final bit of practice in before bank holiday weekend. With changeable weather predicted it was still looking like a good day to shoot and as it happened the weather was great bar one rather heavy rain shower that lasted a couple of minutes the rest of the day, as the photo will show, was blue skies with the odd cloud. But enough of me waxing lyrical about the weather as always the most important thing about my blogs is the description of the shoot.

Well today I was joined by John for the first time since last September and hence the competition was going to be tough, given that he usually beats me, but maybe I'd have an advantage given he had not shot for nearly 9 months. But having had 9 months break it was like falling off a bicycle for him and at the end of the first 20 targets we would be neck and neck but more about that later.

Having learnt from my previous shoots that missing the bacon roll and mug of tea was a bad way to start the day we tucked into a a bacon roll (well two for John) before we wandered of to our first target and again we would be starting on 39. Having walked out to our designated starting target we introduced ourselves to Andy and Vicky our shooting partners for the day and exchanged the score card awaiting the sound of the horn.

We did not hear the horn but spotted the group in front start shooting so following their example kicked off the day. Keeping my finger crossed that I would not loose / brake a large number of arrows it was time to shoot the first target a Leopard over the bracken and through the trees. Having missed with the first the second found its mark and then we were quickly onto the Honey Badger and some rather ragged arrows.

snakeAlthough we had to pass the tea hut we decided not to stop for a break and went straight on to target 1 a Standing Deer hidden in the Bracken before arriving at the Snake coiled around a tree branch and a 16. The next Hyena provided me a 20 and things were looking good so far I had not missed a target but that was all to change with the Bobcat that just did not want to be hit.

Oh well there was always the next a Raising Boar to be shot from the platform part way up the tree and the first time John would be shooting from the platform.

Having 16d the Boar it was onto the next a Standing Bear that provided a foot shot but hey at that distance anything will do. Target 7 was Standing Deer that should have been easy but as luck would have it proved slightly more difficult than anticipated but hey ho their is always the next target a Walking Bear that had very hard tree behind it. The key question was how did John do that (below).


The arrow was in the tree and the know touching the Bear but with arrows line abreast we all scored. The Bedded Deer that followed was a little more tricky, especially for anyone over 5 foot with a longbow and cost me two smashed arrows. With the top limb of my bow whacking the over hanging tree sending the arrows into the intervening trees and trying to avoid the same with the second sending it ricochetting of another tree by the time the 3rd came around I could not wait to get the shot over and done with.

Target 10 was going to be another entertaining shot at a Standing Bear that would require me to take up some positions I did not think I could achieve.


Having extracted myself from the shooting position it was off to a large 2D Rhino that I thought I hit with the first but actually missed because although it hit the target I found the only grass on it. With only 3 more before a well deserved lunch we quickly worked our way through a Deer which provided a 4 and then a stinker of a shot at a Skunk before the pig of a Javelina that was the only thing standing between me and a Double Cheese Burger and tea.

Following a quick lunch break we were off out the back into the valley section with plenty of uphill walks and downhill shots. The shot of the afternoon was a Wolf and a 16 before we moved onto target 16 and a Cobra. A downhill Grazing Deer quickly followed and then after working our way back up the hill a downhill Ibex and we were halfway through the targets.

At this point I was neck and neck with John and everything to shoot for and this is point where my shooting fell off the cliff, just like those Formula One tyres, and the next 4 targets (Ptarmigan, Elk, Goat and Deer) only provided me with 3 4s and a blank.Although in my defence you could not actually see the Goat through the Bracken from the peg and had to guess where it was.

BearsHaving had four rather disastrous shots it was time to get out of the habit and pull myself together and so with that in mind the Boar did not stand a chance and the Mini Bears were next. Although the brown one got away the black bear provided a 16 and then a nice Ibex provided a 20.

Having finished the back valley section it was time for a quick cup of tea as we passed the hut and then onto target 26 and the backside of a Turkey before moving swiftly onto target 27 and a very deceptive  Deer from the path by the hut over the bracken. Although deceiving this was an excellent shot and well laid just like the Standing Bear that followed. From the Red peg you could only see the top of its shoulders and head with a lot of dead ground between the hump that was hiding it and the actual target.

Target 29 was the 3 Little Pigs shot and just like on the Easter shoot it was 3 arrows one at each and oddly enough just like Easter I hit 2 out of 3 but this time I did not loose any arrows.

Thankful for small mercies it was off to the next shot a Walking Bear and my first 24 of the day. This had to be the best shot of the day because the Bear was downhill behind a slight mound and for once being tall in the woods had an advantage.

The Standing Deer that followed brought me back down to earth and the Beaver that followed was abysmal but then we were back to the Deer again. A quick Bedded Deer was followed by a long downhill Standing Deer and then onto another flat Standing Deer which provided me with my second 24 of the day.

We were onto our final 3 targets with a Badger first quickly followed by a nice shot at a Wolf before finishing on an easy Turkey that managed to completely miss and to add insult to injury I lost another arrow.

Although I broke 3 and lost 2 we still had an excellent day shooting a exceptionally well laid course (as usual) with good company and excellent weather. By the end of the medals Westcott had come away will a significant amount of medals and Fred even won the raffle.

The last thing to do before leaving was to book in for the 14th August shoot.


Me John

Me John
39 Leopard 10 - 19 Ptarmigan 4 -
40 Honey Badger 4 10 20 Elk 4 4
01 Standing Buck 16 20 21 Goat - 10
02 Snake 16 16 22 Deer 4 24
03 Hyena 20 16 23 Boar 16 4
04 Bobcat - 4 24 Mini Bears 16 -
05 Boar 16 - 25 Ibex 20 16
06 Standing Bear 16 16 26 Turkey - 16
07 Standing Deer - - 27 Deer 10 4
08 Walking Bear 8 4 28 Standing Bear 4 4
09 Bedded Deer - 14 29 3 Pigs 32 24
10 Standing Bear 14 - 30 Walking Bear 24 20
11 Rhino (2D) - 16 31 Standing Deer 10 -
12 Deer 4 16 32 Beaver - 16
13 Skunk 16 16 33 Bedded Deer 8 16
14 Javelina 16 20 34 Standing Deer 16 -
15 Wolf 16 10 35 Standing Deer 24 8
16 Cobra 8 16 36 Badger (Brown thing) 16 -
17 Grazing Deer 8 4 37 Wolf 16 4
18 Ibex 20 10 38 Turkey - 4

208 208
224 174

Total 432 382

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