Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Crowthorne National Shoot Report 26th July 2009

CrowthorneHaving seen the weather reports for the weekend I was expecting to get slightly wet during the Crowthorne Nationals. I was shooting a Double New National which was an interesting choice given I could not use my Warbow and was restricted to my light longbow but such is life. My son and his friend Daniel we also shooting, the Short Junior National, and hence we had the Bowmen of Burleigh Longbow team. With the hope that we would retain the Team Longbow Cup from last year we were all prepared to do our best.

The morning session started at 10:00 with fine weather and a light breeze. Shooting a 100 Yards for only the second time this season (I have been doing more Field Shooting than Target) it took me 12 Arrows to find my mark and yes that meant the first 6 scoring arrows were not exactly up to scratch. Anyway with these out of the way my second 6 arrows were a storming success with a nice 25 scored (not bad for a longbow at 100 yards) and this instantly put me in the lead. Shooting continued in much the same way for the 4 dozen at 100 yards and then after a short break the targets were moved to 80 yards. At this point Roger, who had been shooting on the same target, found his mark and started scoring rather well. The net result was that by the end of the morning session Roger had more than recovered and lead Colin, Rene and myself.

With the morning concluded and lunch out of the way it was time to shoot the Second New National of the day. At this point there were only Roger, Colin and myself shooting with Rene having only shot half a day. Over lunch the weather had definitely changed with the air becoming thicker and heavier. This was to prove the undoing of all three of us we all scored lower than in the morning. Given that I had shot 4 Dozen arrows in the morning you would expect that I new where to aim for the afternoon. No the change in weather meant that I, and the others, were having difficulty hitting 100 yards. After a few brief showers the 4 dozen at 100 yards was over and we were down to 80. This did not seem to do any good for Colin and me because we continued to shoot badly whilst Roger managed to claw back some respect by improving his score.

After an excellent, if entertaining, it was time for the awards. Roger won the gold for the Gents Double New National whilst I managed Second but Burleigh won the Longbow team trophy and I suspect that this was due to the impressive score (680) that my son put in for the Double Short Junior National.

All the results for the day can be found on the Crowthorne Site.

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