Sunday, 18 January 2009

Bowmen Of Burleigh Christmas 2008 Fun Shoot

The Bowmen Of Burleigh Christmas fun shoot was originally planned for the 19th December 2008 but due to the fact Embrook School was closed on this date we decided to run it on the first available Sunday in January. So given this the date was rescheduled to 18th January 2009 and fortunately we were still in the Christmas mood. The day was split into a morning and afternoon session, as usual, and further subdivided into Senior and Junior classes. Rather than the traditional Portsmouth faces or even Archery Darts we put together a series of Season appropriate, well sort of, faces and allocated our own marking system. As you can see below these faces ranged from the traditional Christmas Turkey (yes we also field shoot) to the Grinch and Santas Sleigh with presents held on by Polos.
Targets Left Targets Right The Juniors and Seniors were split into target groups and assigned a a starting target and 5 additional targets. Each Archer was allowed 3 arrows at each face and needed to guess which part of the face scored the highest, generally the smallest, but after the first target you could cheat and check out the scoring for the next. In addition to our standard method of scoring we had the additional incentive on Santa Sleigh of presents suspended on polo mints. If you managed to shoot the polo you got the present but if you did not then you only scored a 5. Santa Sleigh Grinch Once the each of the Archers had shot on their 6 allocated targets and the scores were passed to our Fairy Paramount" Ruth for final rankings the archers were allowed to continue shooting for the polos. This was easier said than done although we did have a number of hits from the Compound Archers and one line cutter from a Longbow. Polo After the Fairy Paramount presented the prizes, yet more chocolate, we ran the team shoot. This essentially consisted of dividing the Archers into two groups. They each had a target, at 20 yards, covered in 20 balloons. Each archer was allowed to shoot 1 arrow, when at the front of the line, and then move to the back. The winning team were the first to burst all their balloons this was actually more difficult than initial anticipated and required a couple of visits to the target to remove shot arrows. Needless to say this was a very entertaining team competition. All in all a fun day was had by all those that attended and we intend to run the 2009 Christmas Fun Shoot in November.

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